Center of English for Specific Purposes (CESP)  is a division under the Language Institute of Sanata Dharma University which focuses on developing English language skills needed for success in specific disciplines. ESP courses are designed to meet the specific needs of the learners and the materials are related in content to particular disciplines or occupations. The ESP programs can be conducted both individually and in groups.

Our about

Two Streams

English for Occupational Purposes (EOP) program serves learners with particular needs related to their occupational/professional development. This program aims to equip learners with the English language skills, both oral and written communication, needed at the workplace. 

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs serve learners with particular needs related to their academic endeavours. This program aims to equip learners with the specific English language skills needed to succed in an academic setting. 



  • English for Job Interview
  • English for Banking
  • English for Nurses and Medical Professionals
  • English for Public Speaking
  • English for Hotel Staff
  • English for Cruise Ship Workers
  • English for Missionaries
  • English for Business Letters
  • English for Business Communication


  • English for Academic Writing
  • English for Academic Reading
  • English for Presentation (in Seminar/Conference)


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