Here are some news from Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma related to events we conducted. You can find many activities we did in our institution on this page.

"Indonesia Merdeka!": Celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day

17 August 2019 – Today was the Indonesia’s Independence Day and we celebrated it by playing traditional games. We gathered at Taman Realino exactly at 9 am. All teachers and staffs along with international students gathered there wearing red-and-white-themed clothes.

Indonesia Raya and Hari Merdeka marked the opening of the event. We all lined up and sang together. After that, the MC distributed the participants into 6 groups and asked them to create their own jargon. Limited time did not limit us. Participants could still create creative jargon.

We started by playing “Lomba Kelereng”. Participants representatives were asked to walk or run quickly while holding spoons on their mouth. The marble is on the spoon and it should not drop or they have to restart it from the beginning. After that, we play “Pindah karet (Moving rubber bracelet), masukin pensil (putting a pencil inside a bottle), pindah balon (moving baloon using body part), makan kerupuk (eating hanged cracker), balap sarung (sarong race), tiup bola ping pong (blowing ping pong ball on bottle) and the last one is giring terong (dribbling ball using eggplant).

After playing some games, we were certainly hungry and the committee had prepared nasi tumpeng (cone-shaped rice) for our feast. Ibu Ria cut the peak of the nasi tumpeng and handed it to Shohei, one of the international students. In the end, the committee announced the winner of each competition, the best dress, the most outstanding group and the most so-so group. After all, we enjoy all activities today. Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia!


The Opening of New Semester

15 August 2019 – We are very glad that we finally reach the new semester. To mark a new beginning, this semester, we had a meeting and all staffs attended the meeting held in Ruang Palma. 

Bu Ria as the head of Lembaga Bahasa opened the meeting and after that the MC invited the coordinator of each division to present their reports. The first was CEIC (Center of English for International Communication), followed by Testing, CESP, Translation, East Asia and the last one is Marketing divisions. Some attendances asked and gave suggestion related to the report of each division since we would like to improve our whole family.

In the end, Bu Ria gave some advice to all divisions especially related to the time management and contract agreement. Bu Ria also invited Culture Fest leaders to discuss the event. That was all things for the new semester and we all are ready for it! Good luck, everyone!

Saying Goodbye to Our "Parents" - Eby Family

14 August 2019 – 1.5 years is the time spent by both Pak Mark and Bu Tammy at ILCIC, Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. It is a quite long time for students to learn at Lembaga Bahasa. No wonder that they have a lot of teachers during their learning.

The closing ceremony was held at Self Access Center room, Lembaga Bahasa. All of their teachers including Bu Ria attended the closing ceremony. Bu Ria gave her speech to start the closing ceremony. After that, she handed certificates of completion for both Pak Mark and Bu Tammy. It was not the end of the closing since after that three teachers told their experiences learning at Lembaga Bahasa. Then, Pak Mark and Bu Tammy also told their experiences. It was so touching since we had spent a long time together. It is more than just teacher-student relationship. In the end, Pak Mark prayed for all of teachers.

Thank you so much, Pak Mark and Bu Tammy!

Seminar on Language Proficiency Test on BIPA​

12 August 2019 – ILCIC Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma received a special visit from Peter Suwarno, a professor from Arizona State University. He gave a seminar on second language assessment on BIPA in the US using ACTFL. He mentioned the underlying theories behind the ACTFL and also how students are actually assessed in OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) in the US after students learned second languages.

Bu Ria, the head of LISDU, opened the seminar by explaining Lembaga Bahasa to all attendance. After that, Pak Ouda, the vice rector of USD, also greeted Pak Peter while also explained the partnership between USD and other universities especially for international students and how USD is currently improving it. 

In this occasion, Peter Suwarno gave 3 hours session. He encouraged the participants to teach students Indonesian that normally Indonesians use, not the prescriptive one. In other words, we should integrate to adapt our curriculum with the OPI. Making “Can-Do” lists was also emphasized since it would help teachers to organize the class and give more ideas. We also got chances to make and discussed those “Can-Do” lists specifically for BIPA. Peter Suwarno concluded the seminar by sharing and discussion session for all participants. Thank you for the chance, Sir!

The Coordination of EEC Program​

9 August 2019 – The lecturers of EEC LBUSD gathered today as we prepared ourselves for new programs. In this event, the EEC Director mentioned what EEC had done on the previous semester especially related to EEC Speaking Club and Chatville. The director also explained the student candidates that would enroll in the next program. Ibu Ria, as the head of LBUSD, also gave her speech to open the discussion for the next session. The next was discussion for lecturers who have the same subject. This meeting is closed with lunch.

Family Trip to Bali​

9 August 2019 – After having a very busy season, we finally had our break. We decided to go to Bali for 3 days – from 3 to 7 August 2019. Almost all staffs at Lembaga Bahasa joined this trip. Firstly, we enjoyed the scenery at Tanah Lot and Beratan Lake. 

On the second day, we went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, played water-sport activities at Tanjung Benoa and enjoyed the Pandawa Beach. Watching Kecak and fire dance at Uluwatu Temple was our next destination in the second day. Of course, we did not forget to buy some souvenirs and food for our friends and family. We chose Krisna as our place to buy those things. 

On the last day, we got a chance to visit Kuta beach. We did enjoy the morning atmosphere at Kuta beach. After spending some time at Kuta beach, we moved to Joger, a word-maker company specialized in making T-shirts, jackets and other things. That was our last activity on Bali and we enjoyed a lot, and of course we are refreshed!

See You again, Our Sister!​

9 August 2019 – After learning for almost a year, Sister Sidonie had to say goodbye to all of her teachers at ILCIC Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. All teachers, including Bu Ria and Bu Truly, gathered at SAC room for closing ceremony Sister Sidonie. Ibu Ria as the head of Lembaga Bahasa gave her speech related to her experience with Sister Sidonie and what she heard about her. 

Two of her teachers also gave some speeches related to their experience teaching Sister Sidonie from the beginning until that day. After listening to her teachers’ speech, she also told her experience and presented a song in English telling how grateful she was. Everything is positive since we all enjoyed our time together. The teachers also had other present for Sister Sidonie. We played a video covering all of Sister Sidonie’s activities with us. 

In the end, Bu Ria and Bu Truly handed the certificate of completion and a souvenir. It was a happy and sad moment for all of us. Thank you, Sister for having us! Good luck on your new challenges!

Welcoming the New Heads of Translation and Asian Language Divisions​

26 July 2019  – The new era has begun. This event marked the changes in our structure as Bu Truly replaced Bu Tata as the head of Asian Language Division while Bu Patrice replaced Bu Marni as the head of Translation Division. This event took place at Balai Njoenja, Condong Catur at 18.00 to 20.00. All staffs of Lembaga Bahasa participated in this wonderful event.

The Sanata Dharma University hymn started the event as we are part of Sanata Dharma University. Then, Ibu Ria gave her speech related to her experience in working together with Bu Marni. Then, Bu Marni also told her wonderful experience working at Lembaga Bahasa especially with Arin, the coordinator of Translation division and Pak Kun, the Lembaga Bahasa Secretary. After the speeches, we presented something for our former head of translation division and Asian Language division. 

This event was not a sad event since we all welcomed our new heads of divisions with our big hope and warm welcome while we also still embraced the memory we had with the former heads of divisions. Thank you so much for the wonderful years, Bu Tata and Bu Marni!

'Till We Meet Again USINDO 2019 Friends!​

26 July 2019  – After spending 10 weeks at ILCIC Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma, finally the students of USINDO 2019 program had to say goodbye to all teachers and tutors. The closing ceremony was held to mark the ending of this program. Ruang Koendjono became the place to hold this event. 

Teachers’ performance opened the closing ceremony. After that, some speeches from Ibu Ria, PCMI and USINDO representatives also became the part of the closing ceremony. The teachers also prepared footage of what the students had done during their stay. It remarked how far they have progressed. After the footage playback, we handed all students souvenirs. It turned out that the students  and tutors also prepared performances in this closing ceremony. The students danced traditional dance that they had learned in their culture class while the tutors sang “All of Me” and it marked the end of the closing ceremony. Thank you so much for these amazing two months! See you again, guys!