Here are some news from Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma related to events we conducted. You can find many activities we did in our institution on this page.

Closing Ceremony for Sister Matius

3 May 2019 – After learning for 1 month, Sister Matius finally finished her study. All of her teachers attended the closing ceremony. Bu Ria also attended the closing ceremony to hand the certificate. In addition, Sister Matius and one of her teachers expressed their teaching-learning experiences. Thank you so much, sister!

Closing Ceremony for Sister Jacinta

29 March 2019 – 4 levels had been passed by Sister Jacinta in 9 weeks! She is simply brilliant and diligent sister. We do love to have her. However, finally, she finished her study. All teachers who taught her attended the mini closing. As the tradition, teachers and Sister Jacinta expressed their stories and gratitude. 

Finally, Bu Ria, the head of LISDU, handed the certificate and score lists to Sister Jacinta.

Batik Class for Darmasiswa Students

22 March 2019 – After learning bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia for almost a year, they finally had another chance for learning one of Indonesian cultures. They went to Kauman, specifically at Lukman Batik. They learned new way of making batik by using more colors than the traditional one. 

Though, they still saw the process of making the traditional one. Students made lots of motifs and pictures. They were very proud of their work. Keeplearning, guys! 

Closing Ceremony for Sister Martha

25 March 2019 – We had to say another good bye for our student – Sister Martha. After learning for 15 days, she finally finished her study. It is quite amazing since she could finish two books in those 15 days. See you again Sister Martha! Thanks for everything!

Closing Ceremony for TPI Program Students

22 March 2019 – After learning for almost 4 weeks, Rose and Leida finally finished their study. They had 5 pm class but all teachers felt that their class is still engaging. The coordinator handed the certificate of completion and score sheet on this day. See you again, Rose, Leida!

Closing Ceremony for Sister Valerine, Rita and Eliz

14 March 2019 – Three sisters from two different communities finished their study at Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. They are Sister Valerine, Rita and Eliz. Sister Rita and Eliz had been studying for 9 months while Sister Valerine had been 3 months. All teachers attended the closing ceremony.

After some speeches from the sisters and teachers, the coordinators handed certificate of completion. We also took bunch of pictures with them. Congratulations and good luck, sisters!

Closing Ceremony for Pak Patrick

13 March 2019 – After learning for almost two years, Pak Patrick finally finished his study at Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. The event was held at Ruang Minum. All Pak Patrick’s teachers attended the closing. Three teachers expressed their feeling and also told their story when they taught Pak Patrick. 

Pak Patrick also mentioned his feeling after finishing the study. In the end, the coordinator handed certificate of completion and scores list from the beginning of his study. Thank you so much for your story, Pak Patrick!

3-Week KSU Program Closing

8 March 2019 – After completing the 3 week program, the students of Kyoto Sangyo University finally attended the closing ceremony. This event was held at Koenjono Room, Gedung Pusat of Sanata Dharma University from 6 pm to 8.30 pm. Teachers’ performance openned the closing ceremony followed by speeches from the Director of Lembaga Bahasa, one of KSU Lecturers, 

student representatives and one of homestay representatives respectively. All students looked so happy especially because they got some presents from teachers and Lembaga Bahasa: certificate, dancing performance and video. The students also performed a dance called “USA dance”. All attendances also enjoyed the closing ceremony as well.  In the end, all teachers and students had to say good bye to each other.

Darmasiswa Jamu Class

1 March 2019 – Darmasiswa students had a special opportunity to try one of the traditional drinks in Indonesia. They made jamu with a jamu makerd who has made jamu for more than 30 years. Today, the students made beras kencur and kunir asem. They made it by themselves after being shown how to make it by the maker. They liked beras kencur so much. Do you want to try?

DSPP 2019 Closing Ceremony

15 February 2019 – After learning Bahasa Indonesia for two weeks and one month internship, the participants of DSPP program finally finished all the scheduled events. To mark it, Lembaga Bahasa USD and ACICIS held closing ceremony at Koendjono room. Aduh Manis dance performed by UKM Grisadha opened the closing ceremony. Then, Lembaga Bahasa,

ACICIS and students representatives gave their speeches. Teachers from ILCIC also presented a video footage during the program in Yogyakarta. Students also received certificates as they have finished the language program. The closing was ended by having a delightful dinner.

Mini Japanese Culture Class: Furikake Onigiri

8 February 2019 – The level 1 Japanese class for  this term is done. After having some tests, the students celebrated the success by cooking Onigiri. It was started at 17.30. The sensei also told the story about the history of onigiri and furikake and why Japanese people like it so much. They all enjoyed the food they made together while celebrating their success. 

Training for New ILCIC Instructor Candidate

12 February 2019 – As the division is growing, ILCIC needs new instructors. There were 7 candidates who pass the recruitment process. the next step is the training. The training was held from 7 to 11 February 2019. It covers all information related to Lembaga Bahasa and especially ILCIC. 

They learned administration and students’ characteristics on the first day. On the second day, the trainee learned students’ level in ILCIC and how to teach them. The training was closed with the introduction to the classes and rooms at Lembaga Bahasa and the next assignment: observing the classes.

New Year Programs Meeting

As the year has passed, Lembaga Bahasa prepared itself for new challenges. The meeting was held in order to know the plan of each division in Lembaga Bahasa. In this occasion, Bu Yuseva handed her position as the director of EEC to Bu Enni. Additionally, Bu Enni will be the head of all English Department of Lembaga Bahasa.

Welcoming DSPP 2019

Sanata Dharma University, especially Lembaga Bahasa, welcomed the first program in 2019. They were DSPP Program. Sanata Dharma University and Acicis prepared 3-day orientation for all students.

The orientation covered basic information about Indonesian culture, believe and stereotype, Sanata Dharma University and Lembaga Bahasa. This program would run for two weeks.