Here are some news from Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma related to events we conducted. You can find many activities we did in our institution on this page.

The Third PHST Program

8 July 2019  – The third batch of PHD program students learned at Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. This time, 54 students learned 4 hours language class and 2 hours Indonesian for Specific Purpuses. They specifically learned about public health in Indonesia. Although it was only 6 hours, it seemed that they all enjoyed the program.

The Opening of 2019 Jesuit Program

27 June 2019 – 10 students from Jesuit Novices Congregation started to learn English for Specific Purposes and Indonesian Language. 9 Indonesian students learn English at CESP Lembaga Bahasa to prepare their study at Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Driyarkara, Jakarta. In addition, 1 student from Thailand also learn Indonesian at ILCIC Lembaga Bahasa also to prepare his next study at the same university.

Farewell for Matius and Bu Tata

28 June 2019 – Bu Tata, the Asian Language Center head, and Matius, the promotion manager, had been working at Lembaga Bahasa for 3 years. However, this year they decided to resign to get new challenges. That was the reason we held the farewell party at Lalawuh Sunda. We celebrated it by having a feast and enjoying live music. In the end, we sang together for both Matius and Bu Tata. Thank you so much for everything, good luck!

Excursion for Darmasiswa Students

22-23 June 2019 – It has been almost 10 months since the Darmasiswa students started their learning at Lembaga Bahasa. Therefore, ILCIC with Darmasiswa students “celebrated” their graduation by having an excursion. Not only did Darmasiswa participate in this excursion but also some teachers and students from other students. This excursion was held at Shakuntala Cottage near Slili and Sadranan Beaches. So, can you guest what our activities were? 

Yes! Playing at the beach and watching the sunset and sunrise! However, our main activity was giving the certificate for Darmasiswa students at night. We also played some games before grilling corns and roasting marshmallows. We enjoyed the night while talking and playing some other games. In the morning, most students and teachers also enjoyed swimming at the beach. It was very fun!

Academic Essay Writing Workshop for English Teachers

20 June 2019 – The needs of academic essay writing for teachers and lecturers in Yogyakarta are now increasing. Therefore, CESP in collaboration with CEIC held an academic essay writing workshop for English teachers due to the lack of academic essay writing teachers. The facilitator of this workshop was Arina Isti’anah S.Pd., M.Hum. In this workshop, firstly, she introduced some national and international journals. Then, she also focussed on Sinta journal and how to get  

published on those journals especially on journals accredited Sinta 3,4 and 5. In this occasion, she also taught to find research opportunity from abstracts made by the participants.

Membatik Class with Taproot Gap Year Students

15 June 2019 – The journey of the Taproot student learning Indonesian language and culture has officially started by learning membatik at Lukman Batik. One student from Taproot accompanied by Taproot Director learned how to membatik using  the traditional way. They listened to some explanations from Mas Ari related to the story and methods of membatik. Finally, they created their own motives and followed membatik session happily.

Closing Ceremony for Mbak Betty

14 June 2019 – The journey of learning bahasa Indonesia for 5 months for Mbak Betty is finally over. It was marked with the closing ceremony attended by Lembaga Bahasa Director and all teachers. Mbak Betty mentioned that she was happy learning with teachers since she could share and discuss a lot of things she likes. In the end, she received a certificate of completion and academic transcript as the mark she had finished the class. See you again, thank you so much!

See You Again, Mbak Carter!

28 May 2019 – Learning from January to May, Carter had finally finished her program. She had learned a lot of things from the teachers and she mentioned that she was really happy since she could have some discussions with teachers during her study. She promised to go back, so see you again, mbak!

Welcoming USINDO 2019

27 May 2019 – 14 students from USINDO program had arrived at Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. They got some explanation related to the institution’s facility, schedule, and extracurricular activities. In this occasion, they also had a chance to try the extracurricular classes that they would take for the whole program. They tried to cook fried banana, do batik work, dance a traditional dance and play gamelan.

Korean Class Culture Class: Cooking Traditional Food with Natives

22 May 2019 – After finishing the level 2 classes, the students had a great opportunity to cook traditional food with Korean native friends.  In this opportunity, students cooked pajeon and kimchi jeon with the guidance of the teacher and two natives. They worked together happily and at the same time, they also celebrated the iftar together while waiting for the food.

Outdoor Activity: "Cinemystery: Reveal the Truth"

21 May 2019 – To mark the end of the program, CEIC held an event called Outdoor Activity (OA). This OA took  “Cinemystery: Reveal the Truth” as its theme. The event was started by watching a short movie but it was stopped in the middle of the movie. Then, the participants were divided into groups.

There are 7 groups competing in this activity. They were trying to predict what would happen next in the movie on their group. The movie was started again and they tried to predict the plot until the ending of the movie. From this activity, Gal Gadot group got the first place, while  Bradley Cooper, Brie Larsson got the second and third place respectively. Other than this activity, we also had breakfasting (iftar) session together and at the same time, the committee also provided movie trivia for entertaining the participants. Everyone was happy and we believe that they are more prepared!