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LBUSD provides language courses for learning Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Indonesian for Foreigner, and English. TOEFL & IELTS Test with preparation courses are also available here. Translation service is also ready to fulfill your needs. 


Learn Mandarin

 Learn Mandarin with all of its characteristics. The learning includes writing kanji, cooking traditional Chinese food, and knowing cultural festival of China.

Korea online

Learn Korean

Not only learning how to read and speak Hangeul, but also learning how to cook Rappokki. It becomes interesting when you learn how to wear Hanbok, Korean traditional costumes.

jlcc 3

Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese language and culture through interactive learning. Cooking traditional food, knowing cultural festival, and writing kanji characters can be found here. 


Learn English

This program is designed to develop your English skills for both a better international communication and specific purposes.

translation landing


Translating legal or public service documents for English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian language. A high quality of translation through trusted and transparent procedures.

testing 2


Provide testing services for educational institutions and professional bodies. Test preparations are also provided to help you get a better results.

English Extension Center

Learn English Diploma

Learn English with professionals. You will find lecturers and experienced tutors as your teacher. Experience the English learning like a college student!


Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Learn Bahasa Indonesia through immersion in the culture of the people speaking the language. Specific intensive programs are for beginners as well as participants who intend to continue their study.