Center of English for Specific Purposes (CESP)  is a division under the Language Institute of Sanata Dharma University which focuses on developing English language skills needed for success in specific disciplines. ESP courses are designed to meet the specific needs of the learners and the materials are related in content to particular disciplines or occupations. The ESP programs can be conducted both individually and in groups.

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Two Streams

English for Occupational Purposes (EOP) program serves learners with particular needs related to their occupational/ professional development. This program aims to equip learners with the English language skills, both oral and written communication, needed at the workplace. 

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs serve learners with particular needs related to their academic endeavours. This program aims to equip learners with the specific English language skills needed to succed in an academic setting. 




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Estimated Fee

Here is the estimated fee for each program

1 person: Rp 6,000,000

3 persons: Rp 6,600,000

5 persons: Rp 7,300,000

10 persons: Rp 8,950,000

1 person Rp 7,800,000

3 persons Rp 8,500,000

5 persons Rp 9,200,000

10 persons Rp 11,000,000

1 person Rp 3,900,000

3 persons Rp 4,600,000

5 persons Rp 5,300,000

10 persons Rp 7,100,000

1 person Rp 5,100,000

3 persons Rp 5,800,000

5 persons Rp 6,600,000

10 persons Rp 7,600,000

The range of program costs can change according to the number of meetings and learners in each program. The cost range can also change if training requests are in-house training

Registration​ Procedures for Clients


Come directly to the LBUSD Secretariat or by contacting telephone number 0274-540739. You can also contact our coordinator via email with the address


Fill in the course registration form below and send it to


Negotiate the course fee. It can be done by requesting quotation letter to the coordinator via email.


If there has been an agreement related to costs of ESP program, number of meetings, and time, the next process is taking the Diagnostic Test. The test was carried out to see the ability of participants in English.
* Fees for Diagnostic Test are calculated in the total cost of the course


Process the payment  for program fee through Bank CIMB Niaga a / n LPUSD No. 8000.77.54.0,800. Payments are made before the program starts


Wait for information from the CESP coordinator related to:
a. Course Schedule
b. Room
c. Course Outline (given at the first meeting)


*If the payment has been done, participant can request for Course Outline several days before the program is started. The request can be sent to email of CESP Coordinator.

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