This program provides 22 meetings for the students to learn Chinese language interactively. While learning Chinese language, the students will also learn about Chinese cultures. Some additional meetings are for introducing Chinese cultures such as traditional food, Chinese festivities and many others to students.

There are 7 Levels Provided

General Courses

Specific Purposes

More Information about

General Courses

Students will learn how to communicate orally by using basic Chinese language in everyday situation, to read simple texts and to write simple description in Chinese in this level. Moreover, students will learn Chinese language and culture using interactive methods. In addition, students will learn approximately 30-50 Chinese characters. In every meeting, the students should write Chinese characters as homework. The students are also expected to able to introduce themselves such as name, age, job, family, hobby and etc.

At this level, students will learn how to communicate orally using Chinese language, read simple Chinese texts and story, and write simple description in Chinese language. In addition, students will write approximately 50-70 Chinese characters. In this level, the students will read Chinese characters without shengdiao and pinyin. Moreover, students will also learn and use simple grammars in Chinese in the class.

Students are expected to be able to communicate using Chinese in more complex situations, read simplified Chinese stories, and write descriptions of moderate difficulty in Chinese language. Further, students will read some stories with more complex grammars and they will learn about some standard grammars in Chinese language.

At this level, the students are expected to be able to communicate orally using standard Chinese, read more difficult texts and stories, and write descriptions using standard Chinese. This level is a continuation of level 3 because in level 3, students will learn grammars in Chinese language deeper.

At this level, the students are dealing with authentic materials. The students’ oral communication ability will be up-graded through the discussion. In addition, students will learn how to use their discourse to give opinion.

At this level, the students will learn how to make essay or article in Chinese, read more difficult texts and communicate clearly using standard Chinese. In every meeting, the students will make the presentation about their essay or article and other students will make the opinion about that presentation.

Program Fee*

*10 hours for each packet

including Text Book, Block Note, Certificate, Transcript

@Rp 950,000.-

@Rp 480,000.-

@Rp 325,000.-

@Rp 243,000.-

@Rp 195,000.-

@Rp 163,000.-

@Rp 142,000.-

@Rp 125,000.-

*10 hours for each packet

10 hours for each packet; NOT for one level. One level may normally be finished in 30 – 40 hours in total.

It includes Text Book, Block Note, Certificate, Transcript

Classes will be open every the 20th of the month, no matter how many registrants have entered the waiting list. The price of the program is in accordance with the number of registrants in the waiting list.

Registration fee: Rp 100,000.-

In-House Course Program Fee*

@Rp 1,150,000.-

@Rp 570,000.-

@Rp 385,000.-

@Rp 300,000.-

@Rp 250,000.-

*10 hours for each packet

It includes Text Book, Block Note, Certificate, Transcript

Registration fee: Rp 100,000.-


*The course fee depends on the number of participants

Chinese Calligraphy

Traditional Dance

Registration Procedures

Choose Available Schedules

Write names in the waiting list for available schedules / periods

Minimum Quota

Once, the participant in the waiting list has reached 8 people, the coordinator will contact the participants for reconfirmation

Document Submission

Participants collect 3x4 photographs and photocopies of ID cards and pay registration fees in cash (Rp 50,000-)

Course Payment

Please transfer the course fees to the Bank CIMB Niaga account number 800.07.75408.00 LPUSD.

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I can't believe the class alredy over. 谢谢 Ana laoshi and Nano laoshi. Thank you for your guidance in learning mandarin.谢谢我的同学。认识你们很高兴!thank you for everyone for the support.再见!
During the course, time seems fly. I feel the pressure only during the test. The laoshi is fun. I did no feel like learning with other lecturers. Most of the time, they will laugh when I make improvement. The learning process is very fun - I feel like only playing with my friends. I thought my score would be bad but it turned out that I got good results
Ervina Aimee
It is such an amazing experience to have in the fast two months. At first, I was learning only for the sake of my family, seeing that most at them actually speak Chinese. After few meetings, however, my intention began to shift and I found myself learning because I really wanted to it is kind of regret of mine that i wasn't studying quite seriously from the beginning. I will learn more and make it my quest to actually be able to speak mandarin fluently. I hope the course will be better and give more time to practice speaking because I am confused on how to start hehe, thank you so much for the time in the last two months.

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