Lembaga Bahasa

started its service in July 1992 under the name “Sanata Dharma University Center of Language Development and Training”. It firstly only offered Bahasa Indonesia Program then we developed other languages program such as English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and even test preparation

Our Brief History

Initially, under the name “Indonesia Language and Culture Intensive Course”, this department offered only the Indonesian language and culture intensive course for students and lecturers from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. In its development, it has offered not only Indonesian language course for Australia students and lecturers but also for other expatriates wishing to work in Indonesia as well as foreign students and Indonesian students wishing further their language competence in English. “Center of English for International Communication” focused on giving English Language training to Indonesian students. In October 2005, the name “Sanata Dharma University Center of Language Development and Training” was changed into “Language

Institute of Sanata Dharma University”. This change has required the institute to improve its teaching methods, teaching materials, and human resources in order to meet and satisfy the customers’ need. In 2006, this Language Institute decided to develop Asian Language department by developing Korean Language department and employing two native Korean speakers as the instructor. This department was named as “Korean Language and Culture Course”. In 2009, this department employed another native Korean speaker for improving the service to the customers. In 2013, “Chinese Language and Culture Course” was developed for responding the Indonesian students’ request. In 2018, JLCC or Japanese Language and Culture Center was opened.