Japanese Language and Culture Course (JLCC) is a course designed by Japanese Language Department. This program provides approximately 20 meetings for the students to finish each level. There are 6 levels provided in this course. While learning Japanese language, the students will also learn about Japanese cultures. Some additional meetings are designed to introduce Japanese cultures such as traditional food, Japanese festivities and many others. Besides, JLCC has writing class where the participants can learn to write kanji.

Our Programs


General Courses

In-House Courses

Program Fee*

*10 hours for each packet

including Text Book, Block Note, Certificate, Transcript

*10 hours for each packet

10 hours for each packet; NOT for one level. One level may normally be finished in 30 – 40 hours in total.

It includes Text Book, Block Note, Certificate, Transcript

Classes will be open every the 20th of the month, no matter how many registrants have entered the waiting list. The price of the program is in accordance with the number of registrants in the waiting list.

Registration fee: Rp 100,000.-

In-House Course Program Fee*

*10 hours for each packet

It includes Text Book, Block Note, Certificate, Transcript

Registration fee: Rp 100,000.-

Registration Procedures

Choose Available Schedules

Write names in the waiting list for available schedules / periods

Minimum Quota

Once, the participant in the waiting list has reached 8 people, the coordinator will contact the participants for reconfirmation

Document Submission

Participants collect 3x4 photographs and photocopies of ID cards and pay registration fees in cash (Rp 50,000-)

Course Payment

Please transfer the course fees to the Bank CIMB Niaga account number 800.07.75408.00 LPUSD.

Culture Class*

*The course fee depends on the number of participants

Wearing Yukata

Furikake and Onigiri

Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki

Cooking Kare Raisu

Maki Sushi


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