Pororo Class is designed to accommodate children from kindergarten to elementary school grade 3 to learn Korean. In Pororo class, children will learn Korean with songs, chunks, and games. In addition to learning languages, children will also learn about Korean culture, namely: cooking and dance.

Pororo A


Pororo B

Grade 1-3 of Elementary School

The program is held on Saturday with a duration of 1 hour for language classes and 2 hours for cultural classes.

The program consists of 12 meetings with the following details:

a. Language class: 10 meetings x 1 hour
b. Culture class: 2 meetings x 2 hours
One class consists of a minimum and a maximum of 5 participants.


*choose one

 Option AOption B
Language Class09.00 – 10.0010.30 – 11.30
Cultural Class09.00 – 11.0011.30 – 13.30

Note: Cultural Class includes cooking (1x) and dancing (1x) classes


Course fees: IDR 750,000 (including language and culture classes)
Registration fee: IDR 100,000 (includes: certificate, notebook, handout)