18 October 2019 – Today, 13 students of Darmasiswa batch 2019 went to Desa Tampungan, Sleman. They went there together by bus from Lembaga Bahasa USD. There, they learned how to make Javanese puppet or known as ‘wayang kulit’. They experienced with the wayang maker directly. Usually, this class was done in Sonobudoyo Museum, but for this occasion, the location was moved to the house of the wayang maker. Pak Sulis is the wayang maker.

They were welcomed with Bambangan Cakil traditional Javanese dance. It was an interesting traditional dance. Darmasiswa students enjoyed the dance. Then, they continued to make the wayang. Students made the wayang for approximately 3 hours. The body of wayang already prepared by Pak Sulis. They just needed to sand and paint color on the body. The wayang’s body was made from the cow leather and already dried to make a perfect quality.

Pak Sulis explained how to make wayang. During his explanation, he also explained the philosophy on making wayang. It included the fasting process when they want to make wayang, just to make perfect result of the puppet. The students were interested in listening the wayang philosophy even though they said it was not logic at all. However, they really enjoyed the process on making wayang kulit. Don’t forget to bring the wayang back to your country, guys.