In 2009, Language Institute of Sanata Dharma University established a translation center to provide service in translating legal or public service documents from Indonesian to English and English to Indonesian.

Why us

The Translation Center provides high quality of translation through trusted and transparent procedures.

All of the translated documents (legal or public service documents) are legalized by the Head of the Language Institute and the Chief of Translation Center in order to verify that the translation result is accurate.


Procedures for Clients


The client places the translation request directly to the Secretariat of the Language Institute of Sanata Dharma University or drop off the documents via email to


The staff will send a brief explanation to the client regarding the payment and the translation process.


The client transfers the translation fee to CIMB Niaga to the following account name and number (LPUSD 8000 – 77 – 54 – 0 – 800).


The client submits the soft or hard copy of the document and the payment slip via email or directly to the staff.


The client accepts the translation result via email or directly by the office staff within the business days depending on the length of the text and the level of difficulty.

Translation Fee

Regular Document (Abstract, Journal, Paper, Questionnaire)

English-Indonesian       : 350 IDR per word (source text).

Indonesian-English       : 400 IDR per word (source text).

Proofreading and Editing

English-Indonesian       : 200 IDR per word (source text).

Indonesian-English       : 200 IDR per word (source text).

Legal Document (Family Card, Certificate, Letter of Agreement, Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Academic Transcript and others documents)

English-Indonesian       : 125,000 IDR per sheet (source text).

Indonesian-English       : 125,000 IDR per sheet (source text).

*School Report Card    : 65,000 IDR per sheet (source text).

A 50% surcharge will apply for

  1. Translation of legal manuscript
  2. Translation of manuscript containing special technical terms
  3. Rush Order

Period of Translation Process

  • Regular Order : Five to seven days
  • Rush Order : Three days

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