ILCIC programs are  for foreign students who intend to learn the Indonesian language through immersion in the culture of the people speaking the language. Specific intensive programs are for beginners as well as participants who intend to continue their study. In addition to studying the Indonesian language, ILCIC students also learn about the Indonesian culture, such as playing gamelan, painting batik, cooking Indonesian traditional food, and many more and visiting  some cultural sites such as Borobudur Temple, the Prambanan Temple, Sultan’s Palace, Malioboro, etc.

Our Programs

This class is for completing one level. In one level the students will finish one book contains 9 units. Each unit can have only one skill or integrated skill depends on the highlight of the unit. This program contains language classes, reviews, and level tests. The students can choose to have 2 meetings or 3 meetings in each day, depends on their preference.

Actually this program is similar to the 48-hour Intensive Program. However, in this program the students must take 3 classes each day and culture classes on the weekends. ​

Not only focus on language, this program also offers Indonesian culture class whether in Indonesian or in English. The Indonesian culture class accents the Indonesian culture understanding with experts as the teacher. The student can adjust the schedule by themselves so the number of the expert class is not limited. ​

It has 4 basic classes and special program; language class, tutorial, Indonesian culture class, culture class, and internship program. the highlight of this program is the students will be able to take internship in the field they have interest, such as barista, radio DJ, jazz or clasic music group, dance performer, creative writing, and many more.

This program is for students who want to have academic credit that can be transferred to their original university. They will not only have language class but also Indonesian culture class. Different with the Intensive program that have integrated skill class, this program will have specific skill accented in each meeting; they are reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The will have some projects during 1 year, such as presentation and vlogging for speaking class, and writing article or academic report for writing class.

Learning at Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma

ISP (Indonesian for Specific Purpose)

Students will deal with authentic materials to their interests. Students will have opportunities to meet experts to discuss topics of interests. Students might also opt for Thematic Course according to their interest.These classes will be arranged per request, subject to availability.

Cultural Holiday Program

Culture holiday program is designed for students who wants to have holiday and culture experience as well in Yogyakarta. The length of this program is 2 weeks. The students will have 5 meetings of Indonesian class in the first week for surviving language, and have the rest days for cultural activities and visiting tourism sites in Yogyakarta. Note: it is possible for the students to design their own package.

Complementary Course

To complement academic classes and to provide a real taste of the culture, ILCIC also offers some complementary courses which will enable students to obtain cultural insights and to experience practicalities such as cooking Indonesian foods, playing Javanese traditional music instruments, and many more

Culture Class

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Field Trip

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Some Checklist You Need to Do

Preparing to come to university

  • Make sure you have a valid passport
  • Make sure you have an invitation letter from the university
  • Obtain for the right visa
  • Apply for accommodation
  • Book place on Airport Collection service
  • Have medical examination
  • Arrange international insurance
  • Plan your budget
  • Check the academic calendar

Before you leave

  • Check your local flight/transportation if you are travelling independently
  • Make sure you have an invitation letter from the university
  • Buy currency
  • Prepare the tuition fee and accommodation fee
  • Pack your luggage appropriately
  • Prepare all your documents and make some copies
  • Contact the program coordinator for final check

When you arrive in Yogyakarta

  • Tell your family you have arrived safely
  • Obtain the local phone number
  • Register with the university for academic matters
  • Report to the International Office for visa matters
  • Arrange payment of tuition and accommodation fees
  • Attend the orientation
  • Receive the schedule for classes


In six short weeks, my language practicing (in my opinion) from no NO-PROFICIENT to an adequate beginner's level quickly. much appreciated!!
Erik Hammarlund
VIA Program (2018)
This course has provided me with an intensive and quick exercise to bahasa Indonesia. My proficiency has improved enormously, when now I feel competent and comfortable to speak fluently.
Joshua Muhuna
Private course (2018)
I have learned so much from this program basically for my language consideration as well as other aspects like culture, educational system, people's tradition, geography and the essence of Jogjakarta.
Father Victor
Private Course (2018)

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