28 November 2019 – It was 8.30 AM in the clock and 11 Darmasiswa already gathered in Lembaga Bahasa Sanata Dharma University. Today, they went to Kauman, Yogyakarta to learn how to make batik. They went to Lukman Batik Workshop to t the batikh making. They arrived at Lukman Batik and already welcomed by mbak Tyas, the tutor from Batik Lukman for this session. Mbak Tyas explained several ways on making batik. It was a brief and clear explanation. Just after she had finished explain the steps, the students were asked to design their own batik design. First, they had to make the sketch using pencil. After they finished, they applied to the fabric using wax. This process is called nyanting because they had to apply the wax to the fabric with the help of a tool called canting.

The next step was a bit different from the usual way to make batik. The students had to paint the fabric with the brush instead of coloring it by sinking on a specific color. They dried the fabric after they finished coloring the fabric. Then, they wash out the wax by sinking in a hot water bucket. When the wax already gone away, they had to dry the fabric for the last time. They enjoyed the process very well. Some of them felt frustrated because they thought designing the batik was very difficult. However, they loved their process. They were very happy since they could try the taste of bakso when they waited the fabric to get dry. The owner of Batik Lukman was very kind. She cooked them bakso. Don’t forget to take your hanged batik.