27 February 2020 – It was a bit cloudy when 11 students from Nanzan University Japan went to Beringharjo Market. Today, they had a chance to experience how Indonesian people usually bargain in traditional market. They had to buy several things as listed on a piece of paper. These students were divided into 3 groups consists of 3 up to 4 students. To make it more challenging, they were given a special mission which is the group that spent the less money would be the winner.

They went to Beringharjo market by ordering online public transportation and directly went inside the traditional market. They had to buy keychains, tropical fruits, and pencil case. They tried their best to get the best price. “Boleh lebih murah?” “wah, terlalu mahal” “maaf, harga bisa turun?” are common expressions used by our friends when bargaining the price. When the price is good, the seller would give the thing. Luckily, their bargaining skills are great. Most of groups bought the listed things with good price. The paid below the offered price. We are happy to know that their Bahasa Indonesia skill can be used as a life hack. Keep speaking Bahasa Indonesia!


Check out their bargaining video below!