21 October 2019 – 5 students from National University of Singapore experienced the bargaining process in traditional market in Indonesia. They had chance to learn how to bargain the price of the thing they wanted to buy. They went to Pasar Beringharjo, a traditional market located in Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta. They were not only bought the things, but they have a mission. They had to buy some specific things such as souvenir, batik pencil case, pencil, traditional food or snack (bakpia), local fruit (snake fruit) and keychain.
The students divided into 2 groups and each should buy those things with specific amount of item. They went to the Beringharjo market together using car. The students were very curious to try their bargaining skill. They had to find the things within 2 hours only, from 9 to 11 o’clock. The winner would be the group who had the most money left after they bought all the things.
After 2 hours of exploring the market, they felt that they didn’t matter who would be the winner. They found that their bargaining skill upgraded. They continued to explore and look for other things such as batik shirt. One of the students said that he got a batik shirt for Rp 50.000 only after the seller gave Rp 80.000 for one shirt. He was very happy that he got cheaper price by bargaining. The others also bought some shirts, scarfs, napkins, and so on with the batik design in it. Make sure friends, don’t bargain at supermarket or at mall. They have a fixed price 😊