14 January 2020 – This day, 38 students of Creative Arts and Design Professional Practice (CADPP) and Development Studies Professional Practice (DSPP) Program went to Beringharjo Traditional Market. It is located at Malioboro street near to Vanderwick fortress. They were divided into 8 groups which was led by whether a teacher or LO. They went there to experience how to buy things in Indonesian traditional market. The teacher gave them challenges to buy specific things. They had to buy 1 kg of salak (snake fruit), 5 gantungan kunci (keychain), 5 gelang (wristband), and 1 box of bakpia (traditional snack from Yogyakarta). The winner would be the group which spend less money.

They went there at 9 AM from Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma (LBUSD) using 2 buses. After they arrived at Malioboro street, they went to the kiosks and started bargaining. They use several Indonesian expressions such as “wah, mahal ya”, “bisa lebih murah”, “bisa menawar”, and so on. They said they really enjoyed this experience. Some of them bargained fluently, just like what Indonesian people did when they bargain the price of thing. After they finished on buying the things for the challenge, most of the students were exploring their skill by bargaining batik shirt for themselves. They really had a good time. They said that they could not do this process in Australia. Enjoy your bargaining, friends. Make sure you bargain with a good price for both of you and the seller. “Mau beli apa lagi?”