13 January 2020 – Outdoor Activity (OA) was conducted by Center of English for International Communication (CEIC) on this Monday. This event is a routine activity for every program. All participants from different levels of class gather together to have a meaningful and fun activity. The teachers from the classes help the student enjoy the activity as well. This time the Outdoor Activity was attended by teachers of De Britto School who are the participant of recent CEIC’s private program. The event was called CEIC’s Game On! Around 30 participants came to the Outdoor Activity. They were then divided into six groups. The game was about answering quick questions about everyday things based on the survey. The group with the most common answer based on the survey got to go to the next stage of the game. The second stage of the game is fighting round. The groups should answer the question from the presenter as quickly as possible. The winner of the game was the group who had the most star given when they win the two stages in a row. All the participants were having fun. After the Outdoor Activity, the participants were divided based on the level to have a brief review of their course lessons because they will take their final exam in the next meeting of the course.