8 September 2019 – This Sunday, NUS students had chance to craft the famous handy craft from Kotagede, Yogyakarta. It was a silver craft. They went to Kotagede at 9 A.M. After approximately 30 minutes, they arrived at the Kotagede Silver workshop.

Bu Ismiyati, the owner of the workshop, explained about how the workshop work. She also explained about the tools that are used to craft the silver. The tools used to craft the silver are welding, cutting, cooling, and sanding tools. After a short explanation about the tools, NUS students were given a chance to make their own silver craft. With the help of the silver crafter, they learn how to make a ring from the silver.

The first step is by cutting the silver from the silver plate. The plate was cut in to smaller parts. After that, the smaller parts were formed into a ring using welding tools. The welding tool helps to form a curved silver form. If it is too hot, they sink it in the liquid. It was repeated for several times until it formed a ring that fits to the finger. The final steps were sanding the silver to make it soft and shiny.

They enjoyed the moment of making the silver ring craft. They said the welding session was the challenging part because they use fire. Hati-hati! Be careful with the fire guys and don’t lose the rings.