28 October 2019 – In this beautiful Monday, Darmasiswa students joined the Gamelan class in Sanata Dharma University. They got a chance to learn how to play gamelan. 13 students were joining this activity from 9 AM to 11 AM. They learned to play gamelan in Karawitan Room in the first campus of Sanata Dharma University. The students were taught by Pak Eko, the gamelan tutor.
Pak Eko told them about the attitude when they play gamelan, including which attitude is allowed and prohibited in playing gamelan. For example, they are not allowed to jump over the instruments. They had to move the instruments aside and walk after. They students also introduced to several gamelan instruments. They are called kenong, saron, demung, peking, slenthem, bonang, kethuk, kempul, gong, and kendang. They also learned to hit the instruments. They had to mute the note they hit before and hit the next note together. They were very curious to be able to master gamelan. They practiced to play gamelan for 2 hours without break. Let’s hope they could join on a gamelan concert later.