15 November 2019 – Eleven students from Darmasiswa with 3 teachers visited Gamplong studio near Kulon Progo regency, Yogyakarta. They went there at 9 AM and arrived at the studio at 10.30 AM. After they arrived there, they visited Bumi Manusia movie studio. It was Herman Melema’s house called Buitenzorg. This studio was used by Hanung Bramantyo, director of Bumi Manusia, as the main setting of Nyai Ontosoroh’s house.Darmasiswa’s students went inside the house to look for the kitchen, dining room and living room. They learned several traditional cooking utensils that usually used for cooking.

After took several photos, they went to the next studio setting. They tried to get in the train that was used also in the movie setting. The train was diesel powered. Even though it was a short trip with the train, they were very happy because they could feel the feeling of how does the old train moving through the track. After finished with the train trip, they explored the studio area, by themselves. It was a fun activity though the weather was very hot. They said it was a fun activity because besides learning the culture, they also got some good photo spot.