9 December 2019 – Today, 25 students of Global Immersion Guarantee Program batch December 2019 visited Lembaga Bahasa USD. These 25 students from Australia learned Bahasa Indonesia for 2 hours program. They came from Monash University in Australia. Bu Truly, the head of Asian language, opened the program with a brief speech. She also explained the structure of the institute briefly. After a short explanation from ILCIC coordinator, they were divided into several classes. They learned Bahasa Indonesia for 2 hours. Some students already learned Bahasa Indonesia before this, and some of them already fluent in speaking Bahasa Indonesia. Their abilities helped them in doing the next activity. They continued the activity with tutorial session to embrace their speaking skills. They interviewed random people around the campus with several question to guide their discussions. They looked very happy because they could experience the language directly with the natives. Enjoy the learning, friends.