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7 February 2020 – Indonesian Language and Culture Intensive Course (ILCIC) of Lembaga Bahasa sent 3 teachers to Cirebon. They joined workshop on Pembelajaran dan Pengajaran BIPA Tingkat Dasar (Basic Teaching and Learning in BIPA) at Universitas Gunung Jati Cirebon. The workshop was held for 3 days, started from February 5th, 2020. Putri, Imas, and Wahyu, ILCIC teachers, were the representatives from LBUSD. The workshop was held at Medical Faculty Building in Gunung Jati University.

On the first day, the workshop talked about the big picture of what is BIPA in general. It explained about the importance of learning Bahasa Indonesia, the opinion of people around the world toward Bahasa Indonesia, and the function of Bahasa Indonesian in international communication. There were several speeches from the representative of KEMDIKBUD (Ministry of Education), Afiliasi Pengajar dan Pegiat Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (Association for the Teaching and Promotion of Indonesian as a Foreign Language), and ex teacher from Pusat Pengembangan Strategi dan Diplomasi Kebahasaan (PPSDK). It was started at 8 AM and ended at 5.30 PM.

The second day focused on BIPA teaching method. There were several speeches talked about teaching strategies, learning media that is suitable and interactive for the students, cross culture understanding, and the use off apps that encourage the student to learn Bahasa Indonesia. There was also a deep explanation about the newest syllabus, curriculum, and lesson plan related with learning process. The speakers explained how to teach BIPA from the Pemula until Mahir level. There was a different with the previous curriculum which was only six level. The second day last for 7 hours from 8 AM. The day was closed with a task for the third day which is micro teaching simulation related on BIPA teaching process.

The last day was only for micro teaching simulation. Each group had to teach for approximately 20 minutes. The simulation held from 7 AM until 11 AM. Teaching simulation was also been marked by lecturer from Gunung Jati University and Language Center of West Java Province. Teacher from LBUSD got simulation for Pemula level talking about daily activity. Luckily, at the end of the workshop, there was announcement that the teacher from LBUSD got a Best Teacher predicate. We hope that it is not only good in the simulation, but also good at delivering Bahasa Indonesia for the foreigner. 

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