8 November 2019 – Today, 5 NUS students learned how to make bakpia, a traditional snack from Yogyakarta. They went to Pathuk, near Malioboro street to visit bakpia home industry. They went there together from Lembaga Bahasa at 8.30 AM. There, they met mbak Ruri, the owner of Bakpia Anda home industry. Mbak Ruri welcomed them with several explanations. She explained about the history of the home industry at that area. The bakpia home industry in Pathuk area established around 1980. Bakpia Anda itself was established at 1988. The home industry in Pathuk will be 2 decades next year. Almost all the people in Pathuk area worked as bakpia maker.

After that, they had a chance to experience the bakpia making. They made the bakpia from the prepared ingredients. The dough of the skin and filler already prepared by mbak Ruri. They put the filler dough to the skin to make a specific taste of bakpia. They need to flatten the mixed dough then. After that, they put flatten dough inside the oven. They were very happy since they could eat bakpia fresh from the oven. They ate more than 10 each person. Don’t forget to pay your bakpia, friends.