31 October 2019 – 5 students of National University of Singapore batch October visited some places in Yogyakarta. They visited NGO and museums in Yogyakarta. They went to the first destination, Rifka Anisa. It is a non-government organization specialized in children and women rights. They went there together from the university at 8.30 AM by car. There, they met Mbak Ulie, the Public Relation staff of Rifka Anisa. The students had a chance to understand more about NGO in Indonesia. Mbak Rifka explained about Rifka Anisa’s profile, the cases they were working on, and job description of the staff. The session was ended with question and answer between Mbak Ulie and the students from NUS. They had an office tour after they were finished their question and answer session.

After that, the students continued the activity by visiting museums. The first museum was Vredeburg Fortress Museum. It is located at the end of Malioboro street, in front of the National Palace. They visited each diorama inside the fortress. Some of the diorama showed the history of Indonesia such as Indonesian money from the colonialization until Indonesia got their freedom. There were also several replicas of traditional games in Indonesia. They were playing one of the games called ‘dakon’. They ended their visit there by taking some photos.

Dirgantara Mandala TNI AU museum was the next destination after they had a lunch break. The museum is located inside the Indonesian Air Force area. They bought a ticket in the entrance gate and entered the area. There are 2 main location inside the museum, the air force and air force machine section. They were interested with the types of the airplane, history, and people who was involved in the history of Indonesian Air Force. They took many photos there. They entered the machine section and saw several air plane machines that were used for training and fighting. They also saw some government planes and logistic planes such as Hercules. They were very happy because they got new knowledge about Indonesia.