13 November 2019 – Today is the last day for our friends from National University of Singapore. They had finished their study in Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. After they had studied for approximately one month, they had to go back to Singapore again. They had to continue their works there. On this day, we had a special moment with them in a special closing ceremony.

Closing ceremony was held in Realino Auditorium at 6 PM. It was started with special performance from the teacher. The teachers of ILCIC Lembaga Bahasa played a song entitled Ni Wen Wo Ai by Teresa Teng. They played the song using guitar, saxophone, and traditional music instrument, Angklung. After that, Bu Ria, as the head of LBUSD had an opening speech. After a short speech, it was continued with some sharing from the students. They talked about their experiences during the learning process and also their interaction with the host families. Host families also shared their experiences during the time with the students. They really enjoyed their time together. The closing then closed with giving certificates and souvenirs by Bu Ria and Bu Truly. After a short photo session, we had a good dinner together. Sampai berjumpa lagi, sobat NUS! Keep speaking Bahasa Indonesia.