21 February 2020 – Today is a special day for three cheerful Sisters from Carolus Borromeus order. They are Sister Redem, Sister Theo, and Sister Ignas. All of them are native of Timor Leste. They learned Bahasa Indonesia since September 2019. They finished the last level of Bahasa Indonesia lesson in Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma (LBUSD), Lanjut 2. This day is the last day for them to learn Bahasa Indonesia. They had to continue their services in Indonesia. To finish the program, closing ceremony was held simply in the classroom with the teachers. The special thing from this closing ceremony was when they sang a song together with the guitar. All of the people in the classroom enjoyed the moment with them. We hope that all of you will always be cheerful on your services, just like what you did in the classroom. Sampai berjumpa lagi, Suster-suster!