30 September 2019 – Today, Sister Inmaculada Viserda had finished her study in Lembaga Bahasa. She studied Bahasa Indonesia for almost one year in LB USD. She learned Bahasa Indonesia for her missionary mission in Ende, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. All the teachers were saying goodbye to Sister Inma in a warm closing. The closing was held in SAC room with almost all of ILCIC teacher. It was opened with a warm speech by Bu Ria. She said that Sister Inma was very kind with all of the teacher. Two teachers also shared their stories when they taught Sister Inma. Then, Sister Inma had a speech about her impression in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Sister Inma ended the speech with a special song written by her. The song is very amazing and touching. At the end, it was closed by having lunch together. Keep using Bahasa Indonesia, Sister. We will remember all your kindness. Sampai bertemu lagi!


Here is the song lyrics made by Sister Inmaculada.



Aku mau mengucapkan

terima kasih guruku

atas ajaran Anda

dalam kehidupanku.

Aku mencintai Indonesia

berkat Anda.

Terima kasih

di dalam hatiku.

Terima kasih.

Tuhan memberkati Anda.

Di mana saja aku berada

Anda selalu tinggal

di dalam hatiku,

di dalam doaku.  (x2)

Terima kasih…

di dalam hatiku.

Terima kasih…

di dalam doaku.


Sister Inmaculada.

Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation NSC.


With gratitude to my teachers from LB Sanata Dharma. Yogyakarta.  INDONESIA