6 December 2019 – Six students from Kyoto Sangyo University (KSU) Japan had finished their study in Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma (LBUSD). They learned in Lembaga Bahasa for this past 10 months. Here, they learned Bahasa Indonesia in ILCIC. Not only Bahasa Indonesia, to improve their global knowledge, they joined the English lesson in CEIC. This program is KSU’s third program in LBUSD. They were involved in several regular class activities in CEIC and EEC. As non-native language learners, they were very active to study the foreign languages. Some of them also learned Javanese language also. It was such a nice moment to have them as LBUSD students.

The closing ceremony was held to sum up all the activities in LBUSD. It was held in Realino auditorium. Riku, one of the KSU students, and Putri, teacher, were the MC of the closing ceremony. They lead the event using Bahasa Indonesia from the beginning till the end. Bu Ria, the head of LBUSD, opened with a memorable opening speech. After that, it continued with sharing session from the students and teachers. They shared their experience during the learning process in LBUSD. The session was closed with a memorable video of their unforgettable moment in LBUSD. Right after the video ended, LBUSD gave some certificates and souvenir to mark that they had passed the language learning here. The certificates were given by Bu Ria, while the souvenirs were given by Bu Truly. The session was ended by taking photos together. It was not ended just like that, KSU students gave their last performance for the audiences. They did a drama that was prepared by them in a week. It was such a nice performance. They acted all out. Their drama was very entertaining.  The teacher also performed a drama right after their performance to complete this closing ceremony. The teachers also did it all out. It was an amazing moment for the students and teachers. Hopefully, they would not forget how to speak in Bahasa Indonesia. We hope that all memories that they had made here in Indonesia will last forever. Sayonara Sobat KSU! See you soon.