5 October 2019 – Carey Baptist College Australia had a visit in Lembaga Bahasa for 2 days. They learned Bahasa in LBUSD since October 3rd, 2019. 13 students had learned Bahasa Indonesia here, accompanied with 3 teachers. Even though they learned for 2 days only, they were very happy for all the experience during their study. Besides Bahasa Indonesia, Carey Baptist students also learned how to cook Indonesia traditional food. They had the chance to cook Indonesia traditional cuisine in Bu Lies’ house. After that, they had a special class again but in another place. They learned how to make silver craft. They had silver craft class in Kotagede Silver, Yogyakarta. There, they made their own rings using specific tools that had been prepared by the owner of the workshop.


On the next day, they had a chance to learn how to play Javanese traditional music instrument called Gamelan. They learned to play gamelan in Trihanggo village, Yogyakarta. The students said that it was interesting and amazing to play Gamelan for the first time. They said it was an unforgettable moment. Later that day, they closed their program in Indonesia by visiting Borobudur Temple in Magelang Central Java. The students were amazed by the temple since Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist temple in the World. See you again Carey Baptist College. Let’s hope we will meet again in the future. Have a safe flight!