11 October 2019 – It is the last day for Sister Martha to study Bahasa Indonesia in Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. She studied Bahasa Indonesia for 1 month since September. However, she had learned Bahasa Indonesia since March but she had break for several months. She studied Bahasa Indonesia for her missionary purpose in Indonesia. Sister already passed the Madya 2 level here.

The closing was held in common room only. It was very simple since she had to catch the flight after the closing. It was opened by Ibu Ria’s speech and some speech from Sister Martha herself. Then it was closed by giving certificate to Sister Martha. She will directly take a flight to East Nusa Tenggara to Weluli. She will continue her mission in Klaretian. Selamat berjuang di tanah baru, Sister Martha.