29 November 2019 – Translation division of Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma (LBUSD) got a visit from translation division of Language Center Telkom University Bandung. They visited translation division to do a benchmarking. They wanted to develop their administration system in translation division. Translation division from Telkom Uni asked several questions related to the system in Translation division of LBUSD. They asked about how LBUSD gives the fare for translating documents. Telkom Uni also asked about the system on translating the documents, whether LBUSD had to find the certified translator. They didn’t know before this that the translator can be from the translation division without finding the certified translator. 

LBUSD explained that university had power to legalize the translated documents. They shared on the process how university could legalize the translated documents. Bu Patrice, the coordinator of translation division of LBUSD, gave some speech related to the works of translation along this year. She explained about total documents which had been translated in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Bu Ria, head of LBUSD, also gave several information related to LBUSD including organization structure, achievement, and soon. The session was closed with taking photos together to sum up the day. Hope the visit could improve both translation divisions.