1 October 2019 – This day is the last day for Mas Eitan in Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. He had finished his study of Bahasa Indonesia. He studied here for the past 3 months. Mas Eitan studied Bahasa Indonesia in order to gain a better understanding about Indonesia. He wanted to finish his dissertation about village in Indonesia.


The closing was held with several teachers. It was opened with a speech from Bu Ria. Then it was continued by Bu Truly and several teachers who had taught Mas Eitan during his study. Mas Eitan himself close the speech with his impression during the study. He said that he would go back again to Indonesia to do his research. It was closed by giving certificate to Mas Eitan and photoshoots with the teacher. Let’s hope that Mas Eitan could finish his research. See you soon Mas Eitan!