22 February 2020 – Indonesian Language and Culture Intensive Course (ILCIC) welcomed new students from Japan. They are from Nanzan University Japan. Eleven students would learn for the next 3 weeks in ILCIC Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma (LBUSD). Besides learning Bahasa Indonesia, they would learn Indonesian culture also. They would stay at local homestay so that they culture immersion is perfectly experienced by each student.

Accompanied by Mr. Kazuya Inagaki, they would attend three session of learning each day. They would learn regular language class and also Indonesian culture, especially Javanese culture because they are in Yogyakarta. The culture class including the class of gamelan, batik, perak and also field trip to several iconic places around Yogyakarta. Even though it is only a 3-week program, ILCIC guarantee that the activities would be worth to be followed. Selamat belajar Bahasa dan budaya Indonesia, teman Nanzan!