Wayang Making in Museum Sonobudoyo with NUS

13 September 2019 – NUS students had chance to learn how to make traditional puppet from Java called wayang. They learned to make wayang in Museum Sonobudoyo, near Alun-alun Utara, Yogyakarta. Museum Sonobudoyo is a museum that tells the history of Wayang in Indonesia. They went there together and met Pak Sulis, the tour guide of Museum Sonobudoyo.

Pak Sulis told them how to make the wayang step by step. First, the wayang already formed into specific wayang character. The material made form the water buffalo skin which was already dried. The next step was sanding the material so the surface became smooth. After that, Pak Sulis told them coat the water buffalo leather for the first layer. They used special paint to paint the leather. After the first coat dried, they continued sanding the coated leather using sea shell. The last step was painting the leather using specific paintbrush.  The character painted by NUS students was Semar.

They made the puppet from 15.30 – 17.00. They were very attentive on painting the leather. Even though it was tiring, they looked very happy after seeing their own works.

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